6 Vegan Options At Dairy Queen

If you’re a vegan, or vegetarian, then you already know how difficult it can be to eat out in restaurants.

The options are very limited, or you may not be aware of any options at all at your favorite hangout spots. 

6 Vegan Options At Dairy Queen

When your friends want to head to the local McDonald’s or Taco Bell, you may feel left out or unable to choose anything from the menu.

That’s where we can help. This guide is all about Dairy Queen, and what vegan options are available.

Dairy Queen is an American chain of fast food establishments that also soft serve ice cream that has over 5,700 restaurants across the world.

Dairy Queen has been entertaining guests since 1940, and has been a popular food spot ever since! But, are there any vegan options in your local Dairy Queen?

Are There Vegan Options At Dairy Queen?

The clue is in the name, the majority of the menu items at Dairy Queen have dairy ingredients or animal derived ingredients, which are of course not suitable for a vegan. 

So, are there vegan options available? 

The short answer is that yes, there are vegan options at Dairy Queen, however, these options are limited.

There are actually only 6 vegan options that you can safely eat as part of your vegan diet. Luckily for you, we’ll go over which menu items you can safely order at Dairy Queen with confidence. 

Vegan Options At Dairy Queen

6 Vegan Options At Dairy Queen

There are six vegan options in total available at most Dairy Queen restaurants. This is a general guide, based on our research.

Be sure to double check with your local Dairy Queen server to ensure no cross contamination in your food.

You can also do your own research by checking out the allergen guide from Dairy Queen themselves online. 


First up on our list is the fries at Dairy Queen! This is a great option as fries can be filling, and a cheeky treat!

According to Dairy Queen’s allergen guide, the fries there are cooked in Soybean Oil unlike other fast food restaurants like McDonald’s. 

So, you can enjoy some delicious, tasty, crispy french fries guilt free!

In addition to this, you can make use of Dairy Queen’s range of dipping sauces such as ketchup, mustard, wild buffalo dipping sauce, and BBQ dipping sauce which are all completely vegan friendly. 


We all know that side salad is not a great option. They’re often small, but if you want to choose a healthy option that is also vegan, then a side salad is a great choice.

The side salad itself is not that exciting, but you can choose from a range of vegan friendly dressings, which can make the dish more interesting. 

The side salad at most Dairy Queen establishments consists of fresh lettuce, cabbage, carrots and diced tomatoes.

In addition, your vegan dressings are Marzetti Asian Sesame Dressing, Marzetti Light Italian Dressing, Marzetti Fat Free California French Style Dressing and Marzetti Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.

Pretzel Sticks

Another option is the wonderful Pretzel Sticks at Dairy Queen. On the Dairy Queen menu, these pretzels have a Queso dipping sauce.

However, Queso contains milk and dairy products, so you won’t be able to have this.

Instead, ask to change the Queso dipping sauce for one of the vegan options such as mustard, wild buffalo dipping sauce, ketchup or BBQ dipping sauce. 

That being said, reports show that the pretzels may be covered with a butter spread, which of course is also not vegan.

So, you’ll need to check with your Dairy Queen server when ordering so that your pretzels can be made without the inclusion of butter. 


You can also choose from a range of vegan friendly drinks options at Dairy Queen.

For instance, the Misty slushes are vegan friendly, but don’t mix these up with the Misty Freezes, as they will contain milk.

You can also order a Fruit Smoothie from Dairy Queen if you ask your server to replace the yogurt with a non dairy component such as water. 

Vegan friendly misty slushes are the cherry, lemon lime, blue raspberry, grape, and strawberry kiwi. Other drinks options include coke, sprite, coffee (without milk) and diet coke.

As long as you remove the yogurt, you can order a strawberry banana fruit smoothie, triple berry fruit smoothie or a mango pineapple smoothie – all of which can be suitable for vegans. 

Banana Or Applesauce Kids Option

There are also vegan friendly options on the kids menu. Two of which are the Musselman’s Applesauce squeezable, or a banana. If you just want a light snack, then a banana is a great choice for you. 

Star Kiss Bar

In some locations, you will be able to choose a Star Kiss bar. However, these are not available in all Dairy Queen locations.

If you do have them available, then the Stars and Stripes ice bar has a cherry flavor that tastes just like ice cream, but without any dairy components, which makes it a perfect vegan friendly option for you! 


To summarize, most fast food restaurants do not have many vegan options on the menu, or you just don’t know which items can be substituted to make a dish vegan.

With this guide, we’ve covered all of the vegan options available at Dairy Queen, so you can go with your friends with confidence that you can order something too!

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