Vegan Marshmallow Brands

You may be shocked to discover that most marshmallow manufacturers are not vegan. In fact, they aren’t even vegetarian!

The reason for this is that marshmallows tend to contain gelatin. This protein is made from animal collagen. It is typically extracted by boiling body parts to create a translucent thickening agent.

Vegan Marshmallow Brands

Luckily, some marshmallow brands on the market are suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike. To help make your shopping experience simpler, we have listed some of the best vegan marshmallow brands.

Why Do Marshmallows Contain Gelatin?

Most marshmallow brands contain gelatin because it acts as a structural component. This gelatin is used to provide marshmallows with their iconic elastic and gooey texture.

Usually, this gelatin is formed by boiling the body parts of pigs and cows.

How Can You Tell If A Marshmallow Brand Is Vegan?

The best way to tell if a product is vegan is to examine the packaging.

So if you are unsure of whether a marshmallow brand is vegan, you should look for a label that says “Certified Vegan.” Alternatively, the packaging may say “Suitable For Vegans.”

Moreover, you should look at the ingredient information, which is usually found on the back of the packaging. Here, you will be able to see if any of the ingredients are not suitable for vegans. 

Often, foods such as eggs or milk are highlighted on the ingredient list, so it can be quite simple to double-check this.

What Do Vegan Marshmallow Brands Use Instead Of Gelatin?

Though it is possible to make marshmallows vegan, manufacturers will have to turn to using some alternative ingredients to gelatin.

One of the most common alternatives is agar. Agar is an amazing jelly-like substance that is widely used in vegan baking. It’s entirely tasteless, so it won’t affect the flavor of the marshmallows. 

Moreover, carrageenan may also be used. Carrageenan is made from edible red seaweed. Finally, tapioca is also used as a vegan thickening agent. This starch is taken from a cassava plant.

Vegan Marshmallow Brands

Vegan Marshmallow Brands

If you are searching for a vegan marshmallow brand at your local supermarket, you should look out for some of the following products:

Sarah’s Candy Factory

If you enjoy jumbo marshmallows, Sarah’s Candy Factory is a brilliant brand to shop for. These marshmallows are completely vegan. This brand also sells small vegan marshmallow bits.

These marshmallows are provided in convenient jars, which can easily be reused and repurposed. Vegan marshmallows from this brand work wonderfully in s’mores and when toasted around a campfire.


Dandies is a great brand for vegan products.

Not only are their marshmallows vegan, but they are also Kosher, verified non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), and gluten-free. As a result, the majority of people can consume this marshmallow brand.

Despite being free from gluten, the marshmallows from Dandies taste and feel just like the real thing. They even melt exactly like standard marshmallows!

Aside from their original vanilla marshmallows, Dandies also offers a range of different flavored marshmallows.

This includes peppermint and pumpkin. So if you want to taste some differently flavored marshmallows, why not try Dandies?

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a popular grocery store. So the chances are that you live near a Trader Joe’s. If so, you can purchase vegan marshmallows produced by this brand.

They provide not only standard marshmallows but also mini versions.

The only downside of this brand is that they tend to be seasonal. Therefore, you may not be able to get your hands on these vegan marshmallows unless it’s winter.

Max Vegan Mallow

This next brand is not only vegan, but it also contains zero sugar. Unlike many other marshmallow brands, Max Vegan Mallow has taken steps to ensure that its products are as healthy as possible. 

Additionally, these marshmallows are suitable for Paleo and Keto diets. Plus, they’re diabetic-friendly and non-GMO. Therefore, you can taste this delicious treat without feeling guilty!

You may find it difficult to find this brand in stores. Instead, you may have more luck locating them online.

Mallow Puffs

These vegan snacks aren’t just standard marshmallows. Instead, they’ve also been seasoned with salted caramel. Next, these mallows are coated in Belgian dark chocolate.

Consequently, this unique marshmallow snack has a rich and sweet flavor. The marshmallow snacks have a perfectly fluffy texture and are ideal for sharing.

Plus, they’re vegan! If you are a marshmallow fan, we strongly encourage you to give these delectable Mallow Puffs a try.

Final Thoughts

Though the majority of marshmallow brands are made with gelatin, meaning that they are neither vegetarian nor vegan, there are some brilliant vegan brands out there. 

So if you want to add marshmallows to your vegan hot chocolate or wish to include them in a recipe, you can use these brands to still enjoy marshmallows!

What’s stopping you from making a sweet treat?

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