Vegan Hamburger Buns Brands

While vegan food is becoming very popular, with an almost endless amount of meat substitutes out there, there is one food that has yet fully broken through into the vegan industry, and that is bread. 

It’s so easy to find plant-based burgers these days, but it seems much harder to find a vegan hamburger bun!

Vegan Hamburger Buns Brands

For your vegan BBQ, you can’t just serve regular vegan bread, you need buns to create the perfect burger. 

If you are struggling to find some vegan buns, then this is the perfect list for you! We have rounded up the very best vegan burger buns to try the next time you have a BBQ. 

This list contains all kinds of hamburger buns, such as whole wheat, gluten-free, or potato. 

As always, ingredients can change, so even though these products were vegan-friendly at the time of writing, you should always check the ingredients to make sure nothing has changed.

Angelic Bakehouse

Angelic Bakehouse Vegan Hamburger Buns:

  • Hamburger Buns Made with Whole Wheat
  • Slider Buns Made with Whole Wheat

All of the items sold by Angelic Bakehouse are suitable for vegans, are free of GMOs, and have clear ingredient lists. 

Both of their bun products are created with sprouted whole grains, so they are an excellent choice if you are searching for a healthier alternative to traditional burger buns.

You may choose between vegan whole wheat sliders or conventional whole wheat hamburger buns.

You may place an order for Angelic Bakehouse items on their website, on Amazon (linked above) or you can buy them at a number of different supermarkets, such as Walmart Supercenter, Target, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. 

Check the bun availability at your chosen store by using their store finder before you go shopping.

Alvarado Street Bakery Sprouted Wheat Burger Buns

Alvarado Street Bakery Vegan Hamburger Buns:

  • Burger Buns Made From Sprouted Wheat

If you happen to live near a store that stocks Alvarado Street Bakery goods, you’ll be happy to know that their hamburger buns are suitable for vegans. 

On their website, they clearly indicate all of the goods that are suitable for vegetarians or vegans, including their organic, wheat buns!

You may find Alvarado Street Bakery items at some other grocery stores, or you can shop for them on the company’s website, which offers both in-store and online purchasing options.

Food For Life Hamburger Buns 

Food For Life Vegan Hamburger Buns:

  • Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame Sprouted Grain Burger Buns
  • Burger Buns Made with Whole Wheat
  • Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted Whole Grain Burger Buns

All hamburger buns made by Food For Life are suitable for vegans and are packed with various nutrients. 

Choose one of the Ezekiel 4:9 bun kinds if you are looking for a roll that has a significant amount of protein derived from plants. Each roll contains as many as ten grams of plant-based protein.

Food for Life goods may be purchased in a variety of retailers, including Publix, Whole Foods, and Shoprite, among others. You may locate items in your area by using their shop finder.

Rudis Bakery Vegan Burger Buns

Rudi’s Vegan Hamburger Buns:

  • Organic Buns Made With Whole Wheat
  • Organic White Hamburger Buns
  • Organic Wheat Hamburger Buns

Unfortunately, none of Rudi’s vegan buns are gluten-free, despite the fact that the bakery is well-known for the gluten-free items it manufactures. 

Rudi’s is a fantastic option, though, whether you’re looking for wheat organic or white hamburger buns.

You can get Rudi’s hamburger buns in the bakery sections of a number of different natural foods retailers, such as Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, The Fresh Market, Sprouts, and Albertsons, among others. Before you go shopping, look for the things you want to buy on their website’s store locator.

Dave’s Killer Bread 

Dave’s Killer Bread Vegan Hamburger Buns:

  • 21 Types of Complete Grains and Seeds

If you enjoy the flavor of DBK’s sandwich bread, they now offer two different kinds of hamburger buns, and you can be certain that none of them contains any animal products. 

You have the choice of picking between their traditional-style hamburger buns and their buns that are covered with whole grains and seeds for a plant-based alternative to buns.

Dave’s Killer hamburger buns may be purchased in a wide variety of large and specialty grocery shops, including Whole Foods, Publix, Walmart, Sprouts, Winn-Dixie, and Safeway, to name just a few. 

You may find a store that is close to you by using their store locator.

Vegan Hamburger Buns Brands

Everyday Value Organic Hamburger Buns

365 Everyday Value Vegan Hamburger Buns:

  • Organic Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns 
  • Organic Classic Hamburger Buns

Whole Foods Markets are the only stores that carry the 365 Everyday Value brand of hamburger buns, and some of those buns are suitable for vegans. 

Stick with the organic buns because the other variations include cane sugar, which as a vegan you may not be comfortable with due to how this is processed using animal bones. 

365 Everyday Value items may be purchased at Whole Foods, or if you have a Whole Foods location nearby, you can have them delivered to your door through the Amazon Prime Whole Foods delivery service!

365 Everyday Value hamburger buns that are NOT vegan:

  • Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns (not organic)
  • White Hamburger Buns (not organic)
  • Brioche Hamburger Buns

Little Northern Bakehouse Millet & Chia

Vegan Buns:

  • Millet & Chia Buns (GF)

It might be challenging to get vegan and gluten-free hamburger buns, but if you are a vegan who follows a gluten-free diet, you can be sure that Little Northern Bakehouse has you covered! 

Not only do these buns not include any gluten or animal products, but they also make use of nutrient-dense foods like chia seeds and millet in their construction!

Products made by Little Northern Bakehouse may be purchased at a number of different health food retailers, including Sprouts and The Fresh Market, among others. You may find a store near you by using the website’s store finder.

Unbun Vegan Burger Buns

Unbun Vegan Hamburger Buns:

  • Vegan Keto Unbuns (GF) 

Unbun Foods is the place to go if you are searching for a vegan and keto-friendly hamburger bun. The traditional buns are not suitable for vegans since they include egg whites, however, the Vegan Keto buns are not only gluten-free but also made entirely of plant-based ingredients!

Products made by Unbun may be found in the freezer sections of some health food shops, such as Whole Foods, and can be purchased there. You may locate items in your area by using their shop finder.

Unbun Buns that are NOT Vegan:

  • Regular Unbuns (has egg whites)

Popular Hamburger Bun Brands That Are NOT Vegan

The following is a list of well-known brands of burger buns that are not vegan due to the fact that they include one or more items derived from animals:

  • The Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat hamburger buns do not come with a 100% vegan guarantee due to the fact that they include monoglycerides and enzymes, both of which are known to have a history of being derived from animals.
  • There is no assurance that Arnold hamburger buns are vegan because they may include monoglycerides and/or diglycerides that do not meet the criteria for veganism.
  • The Pepperidge Farm hamburger buns are not suitable for vegans since they are made with milk, and certain varieties also contain honey, monoglycerides, and natural flavors, which are not vegan-friendly ingredients.
  • The Wonder hamburger buns are not suitable for vegans since they include several substances, such as mono- and diglycerides and enzymes, which may have originated from animal sources.
  • The burger buns sold by Udi are not suitable for vegans because they are made with egg whites.
  • The vegan status of Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Buns cannot be verified due to the presence of monoglycerides, which might have been derived from an animal source.
  • Because they are made with butter, Nature’s Own Brioche Style Hamburger Buns cannot be consumed by vegans.


There are many excellent options for vegan hamburger buns out there if you know the right places to look. Try any of the options listed above the next time you need some vegan hamburger buns for your next BBQ!

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