McDonald’s Vegan Options In The USA

The vegan diet is on the rise, especially in recent years as people have become more health conscious, and more aware of how their eating habits have an impact on the environment. 

With this rise, restaurants and food chains have adapted to meet the needs of their customers, and now offer a variety of not only vegetarian options but vegan options as well. 

McDonald’s Vegan Options In The USA

Even fast-food chains have hopped on the bandwagon, with many of them offering plant-based varieties of their signature dishes. 

While Mcdonald’s in several countries such as the UK offers a variety of plant-based options, the American chain seems to be a little bit behind in this area. 

What Happened To The McPlant? 

In early 2022, Mcdonald’s announced that they were going to start selling the famous McPlant, a plant-based burger made from Beyond Meat. 

However, after a few months of having the vegan sensation on the menu, the McPlant was no longer offered, and neither McDonald’s nor Beyond Meat announced plans for nationwide sales. 

It is unclear why the McPlant wasn’t the success it currently is in the UK and other countries in Europe, but some rural stores were selling as little as three burgers a day. 

Therefore, it is unknown whether McDonald’s will introduce any other vegan options, as they currently have none. 

What Can You Order At McDonald’s As A Vegan?

While the popular chain restaurant doesn’t offer any vegan options on its menu, there are a few items that contain no animal-based products. 

So, if you’re in an unfortunate situation where you’ve not had a say about where you’re dining, here is what you can order as a vegan. 


If there’s one benefit of being vegan at McDonald’s, it’s that you won’t be out of pocket! Here you can enjoy their side salad for less than $2! 

It contains spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, and baby kale. However, if you’d like something a little more exciting, then you can order their Southwest Chicken Salad, but request they remove the chicken and cheese. 

You’ll also have to ask for a vegan dressing, which is likely to be the balsamic vinaigrette or their creamy French dressing. 

This salad also contains some more exciting ingredients, such as black beans, corn, poblano peppers, and cilantro as well as lettuce and tomatoes. 


Unfortunately, we’ve only included fries in this list to highlight the fact that they are not vegan-friendly (I know!). 

McDonald’s in the US cooks them in a beef flavor that contains wheat and milk. However, restaurants in other countries offer vegan fries, so the US restaurants do have some catching up to do. 

McDonald’s Vegan Options In The USA

Apple Slices

Of course, their apple slices are completely vegan-friendly, and although kid’s size, they go down a treat! 

You can also order them separately, not just with Happy Meals, which is a bonus. 

Apple Pie

The apple pies are probably the most exciting thing you can order as a vegan, as you probably thought they weren’t vegan-friendly, right? 

These apple pies have always been known as elite, with their warm crispy crust and their apple and cinnamon filling, these always go down as a treat after a meal. 


While there aren’t many sauces that are vegan-friendly, you do have the option of Sweet ‘N’ Sour, and the Tangy Barbecue Sauce, which are both completely delicious!

You could always make your own vegan fries at home, and use these dipping sauces as they are truly very tasty. 

Fruit And Maple Oatmeal

If you’re in the need of breakfast on the go, then the fruit and maple oatmeal is a good option as it is completely vegan-friendly. 

All it contains is oatmeal, apples, raisins, cranberries, and some light cream. Just be sure to order it without the cream, as that is not vegan. 


There are a few drinks you can consume at McDonald’s’ as a vegan. Their Minute Maid Slushies are vegan as they just contain a combination of ice and juices, and you can also enjoy their coffee, but you’ll have to go Americano. 

This is because they have a lack of vegan milk alternatives, but if you can’t stomach your coffee black, you can always bring some of your own plant-based milk with you and mix it in with your Americano.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, McDonald’s in the USA does not offer any vegan alternatives to any of their meals

This is a complete contrast to other countries such as the UK, who offers a variety of vegan alternatives. 

While the McPlant was offered in some restaurants around the states, it was not successful, and there hasn’t been any confirmation that it will be returning. 

Although it is disappointing that there are no vegan options in Mcdonald’s, many other fast-food chains are offering delicious vegan meals that you can enjoy guilt-free!

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