15 Delicious Vegan Easter Recipes That You Will Love 

If you are planning an Easter feast for your family and friends but you want to use only vegan recipes then you have come to the right place.

Whether you are looking for tasty appetizers, impressive main courses, vegetable side dishes, delectable desserts or yummy breakfasts, we have got you covered. 

15 Delicious Vegan Easter Recipes That You Will Love 

We have put together this list of 15 delicious vegan Easter recipes that you will love. The recipes are easy to make at home and will impress your family and friends. Keep reading for inspiration for your vegan Easter feast. 

1. White Chocolate Meltaways

This is a super quick and easy recipe to make for a sweet Easter treat. All you need is some good quality dairy free white chocolate and some freeze dried strawberries.

White chocolate and strawberries are the perfect flavor combination and the colors look very appetizing together.

Make a batch of these and pile them up on a plate ready for when your guests arrive. 

2. Vegan Easter Pancakes

If you are looking for the perfect Easter breakfast recipe, why not try out these Easter pancakes? They don’t contain any eggs, and the ‘egg’ on top of the pancake stack is actually made with vegan yogurt and tinned apricot.

You can even sprinkle poppy seeds on top to look like cracked black pepper! This optical illusion will impress your guests and also makes a delicious, healthy vegan breakfast. 

3 . Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Pie

If you want a show stopper of a dessert for your Easter celebrations then look no further. This impressive chocolate peanut butter cream pie looks amazing and tastes even better.

The chocolate is sweet and contrasts with the salty peanut butter. You can serve it with vegan vanilla ice cream for a real treat. The vegan cream is whipped into soft peaks to decorate the top of the pie. 

4. Roasted Kale And Mushrooms 

You can enjoy this dish as an appetizer or a tasty side dish. The earthy mushrooms pair perfectly with the iron-rich kale to create a combination of strong and satisfying flavors.

The sweet shallots help to balance the flavor of the dish, and the seasoning is kept simple with salt and pepper. It takes 25 minutes to make this delicious dish. 

5. No Bake Lemon Coconut Bars

These no bake lemon coconut bars are low in sugar and suitable for a paleo diet. If you want a sweet treat that is vegan friendly and guilt free then you should definitely try out this recipe.

It is no bake which means that you can save your oven space for your appetizers and main course. It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare these bars, then you can dress them into a tin and leave them in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve them. 

6. Chocolate Orange Walnut Cookies 

If you have friends or family coming over to celebrate Easter, you can bake a batch of these cookies and your house will fill with an irresistible smell.

The cookies are flavored with vanilla extract and orange zest for a sweet and tangy flavor. The chocolate is rich and the nuts are wonderfully crunchy.

You can switch out the walnuts for whatever nuts you fancy the most – hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds – there are lots of options. The combination of brown sugar and white sugar gives these cookies a caramelized flavor. 

7. Rosemary Roasted Carrot

This a simple vegetable side dish that has wonderful flavors and would make a great addition to your Easter table. The carrots are roasted with punchy garlic and fragrant rosemary along with plenty of salt and pepper.

They are served with arugula tossed in lemon juice. The warm carrots will slightly wilt the arugula leaves, creating a lovely mixture of flavors.

The carrots are soft and sweet, but with those savory seasonings to really contrast the flavor. 

8. Eggless Asparagus Quiche

This eggless asparagus quiche makes the most of spring produce. The asparagus is in season during Easter which makes it the most flavorsome and tender vegetable to use in your quiche.

The crust is made with quinoa, vegetable broth and flax seeds. It’s crunchy and far more nutritious than regular pastry.

Silken tofu mixed with plant based milk, nutritional yeast and turmeric creates a smooth mixture with a golden yellow color to replace the beaten eggs.

Along with asparagus, the quiche also contains onion, garlic, peas, and artichoke hearts. 

9. Chocolate And Hazelnut Swiss Roll

Chocolate and hazelnut is a classic combination of flavors that come together perfectly in this recipe. This swiss roll is vegan friendly and has all of the flavors and textures you would expect to find in a chocolate swiss roll.

It is sweet, nutty and soft with a smooth, fluffy cream filling. Make sure you use good quality vegan chocolate.

It takes a bit of skill to roll the cake, so make sure you read the instructions carefully and take your time. If you are preparing this recipe for guests you may want to practice it first. 

10. Spring Minestrone Soup 

This light yet fulfilling soup would make a great appetizer for your Easter dinner. It has lots of fresh, spring flavors like leek, carrots and asparagus.

The fresh thyme adds a fragrant, aromatic flavor to the soup along with the dill.

The red potatoes will soften as they cook, and release some starch into the broth to thicken it up. Make sure you use vegetable stock not chicken stock to ensure that the soup is vegan friendly. 

11. Vegan Hot Cross Bun Cinnamon Rolls

If you want to make a sweet, indulgent Easter breakfast or afternoon snack then you should try this recipe. The cinnamon rolls are puffy and soft, filled with a sweet and warmly spiced cinnamon mixture.

The icing is made with vegan cream cheese and is piped onto the rolls in a cross shape, just like a hot cross bun.

You can serve them in the tray, or let them cool and take them out of the tray to pile them up onto a plate. The enriched dough may sound complicated but it’s actually easy to make. 

12. Whole Roasted Coconut Cauliflower

This recipe would make a perfect centerpiece for your vegan Easter dinner. The whole cauliflower looks impressive, and you can ‘carve’ it up to a table in front of your guests.

The cauliflower is flavored with creamy coconut, fragrant ginger, punchy garlic, aromatic cilantro, ground cumin and coriander, and warm turmeric.

The flavor is deep and complex, and the texture of the roasted cauliflower is perfect. The lime adds a zingy flavor that lifts the dish. 

13. Smoky Vegan Black Bean Soup

This hearty, soulful soup is a delicious meal that the whole family will enjoy. It has the holy trinity of savory flavor – celery, onion and garlic. It also has carrots, corn and black beans. It is high in protein, fiber and nutrients.

The vegetable stock forms the liquid for the soup, and the ingredients are flavored with paprika and cumin for a deep, warm taste. To serve, the soup is topped with chunks of creamy avocado and fresh cilantro leaves. 

14. ‘Cheesy’ Spinach And Kale Dip

This is an appetizer that everyone can dig into, and it would also work really well on a buffet table.

Almond milk cheese is used for the creamy texture and cheesy flavor, and the spinach and kale is packed full of nutrients like iron and vitamin C.

The recipe tells you how to make your own almond milk cheese from scratch, which you can use for lots of other recipes too. This recipe serves the dip in a large cob bread that has been hollowed out.

You can toast the bread that you removed to create dipping croutons. Alternatively, you can serve the dip in a dish if you want to keep this recipe gluten free. 

15. Roasted Vegetable Lasagne

Roasted vegetable lasagne is a real crowd pleaser. Whether you follow a vegan diet or not, you will enjoy this tasty dish, which is why it is ideal if you are catering for large groups.

The onions, courgettes, carrots and peppers are roasted in the oven then added to a tomato and garlic sauce. The creamy sauce is made with plant based cream and vegan butter along with nutritional yeast.

The lasagne is topped with vegan cheese and baked in the oven until the cheese is bubbling. Make sure you use egg free pasta.


There is something for everyone on this list – low sugar desserts, indulgent treats, spicy main dishes, earthy side dishes, and spring appetizers.

You can customize the recipes to suit your personal taste by adding more or less spice and switching out different vegetables. There are also plenty of easy ingredient swaps that you can make if you need the recipes to be gluten free. 

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