15 Delicious Vegan BBQ Recipes That You Will Love

If you are following a vegan diet, you can still enjoy a delicious BBQ. There are lots of different recipes that you can try to create a BBQ feast without using any animal products.

15 Delicious Vegan BBQ Recipes That You Will Love

From vegan burgers to veggie skewers, cauliflower ‘wings’ to seitan ‘ribs’, your guests will be blown away by the variety of tasty foods on offer. 

We have put together this list of 15 delicious vegan BBQ recipes that are easy for you to make at home.

Keep reading to find out which recipes you can make for your next BBQ. 

1. Beet And Quinoa Burger

This vegan burger is crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. It is topped with soft and creamy avocado, punchy red onion and zesty lime for a vibrant flavor.

The burgers are not dry, unlike some vegan burgers, and the texture is perfect. The trick to this recipe is to pulse the beetroot several times in the food processor rather than over blending them.

This ensures that the beetroot is not broken down too much. To add more flavor, lightly grill or fry the burgers after you have roasted them in the oven. 

2. Grilled Veggie Skewers

Grilled veggie skewers are a simple but satisfying BBQ recipe to make. The fresh vegetables are flavorsome and don’t take long to cook.

These skewers are brushed with balsamic vinegar and a fresh garlic and herb sauce to complement the flavors of the vegetables.

The zucchini, red onion and bell peppers offer contrasting textures which makes these skewers really interesting and enticing. 

3. Grilled Garlic And Herb Corn

Corn on the cob is a family favorite BBQ food that everyone can enjoy. This recipe takes the basic corn on the cob and makes it more exciting by adding a creamy garlic sauce with oregano and parsley.

It’s really easy to make and is packed with flavor. This will make a great side dish for your next vegan BBQ. 

4. Cauliflower Steak

These slices of cauliflower are seasoned with a BBQ dry rub which gives them a smoky flavor with a bit of spice. There are lots of ways to cook cauliflower – steaming, boiling, roasting – but this recipe grills it.

Each cauliflower head can be cut into 3 or 4 steaks, so make sure you get enough cauliflower to cater for your guests. It takes 35 minutes to make this delicious dish. 

5. Vegan Bruschetta 

This is the perfect appetizer for a vegan BBQ. The crisp bread is topped with fresh, juicy tomatoes, olive oil, and tangy balsamic vinegar.

If you are in a rush you can whip this up in several minutes, but if you have the time it is best to let the flavors mingle for around an hour before you add the topping to the bread.

Make sure that whatever tomatoes you use aren’t overripe. 

6 . Vegan Kebab Skewers With Grilled Peaches And Vegan Tzatziki

This is a more unusual recipe that will really impress your guests. The flavors are unique and perfectly matched and the textures are very enjoyable.

The glaze for the peaches is made out of maple syrup for sweetness, salty soy sauce, black pepper and rapeseed oil.

If you are using wooden skewers make sure you soak them in water for 30 minutes to prevent them from burning. 

7. Vegan Ribs

These vegan ribs have a ‘meaty’ texture and are not too soft or mushy. You can make them ahead of time to give you less cooking to do when your guests arrive.

They are served with a hickory flavored BBQ sauce with liquid smoke and dark beer which creates a rich and indulgent flavor, just like normal BBQ ribs.

You can cook them on a BBQ, or on a grill pan or skillet. The main ingredient is mushrooms which are used to make seitan. You can make the sauce more or less spicy depending on how many jalapenos you put in. 

8. Grilled Baby Potatoes

These perfect grilled baby potatoes are soft and creamy in the middle and browned on the outside.

They are made without foil, which means that the skin goes a little crispy. They are tossed in a delicious lemon and herb sauce which is the taste of summer.

A lot of people will boil or steam potatoes, but grilling them is another great way to cook them which produces an ideal texture and a deeper flavor. If you want them nice and soft, make sure you par-boil them first. 

9. Quorn Vegan Chicken Kebab Skewers 

These vegan chicken skewers are high in protein and fiber and low in fat – the perfect healthy option for your vegan BBQ.

The quorn filets are flavored with tumeric, cayenne pepper, coriander, cumin, garlic, ginger, lime and coconut. Along with quorn filets, the skewers also have tasty red onion and crunchy bell peppers.

They are packed with flavor and a mixture of textures. They look really enticing when they are piled up on a plate. 

10. Vegan Buffalo Wings 

If you like your food with a bit of spice then this is the ideal appetizer. It is a collection of vegan alternatives to wings, so you can create a medley of different wings and sauces.

With cauliflower wings in hot sauce, chickpea wings with jerk sauce and mango dip, cauliflower wings in a sesame sauce, seitan buffalo wings, crispy tofu wings, and more, there is plenty of choice. 

11. Grilled Avocado Stuffed With Veggie Quinoa 

This is a different type of recipe to make for a vegan BBQ, and could also be made for a weeknight dinner or an appetizer.

It’s gluten free, vegan friendly and really easy to make. When you grill avocado it becomes creamy and soft yet still maintains its shape. It also takes on a buttery, smoky flavor which is irresistible.

Make sure that your avocados are not overripe or you won’t achieve the right texture. The quinoa salad stuffing has fresh and vibrant flavors which are perfect for summer.

It is packed with cucumber, tomatoes, green onions and herbs and is flavored with zingy lemon and silky olive oil. This is a great recipe to use up leftovers that you have in your fridge. You can make it on the BBQ, stovetop or in a grill pan. 

12. Grilled BBQ Tofu Kebabs 

These kebabs are loaded with tofu and vegetables and slathered in a rich, bourbon BBQ sauce.

If you make a double batch of the sauce you can keep some in the freezer ready to use whenever you fancy another tasty BBQ meal.

The tofu is drained and baked before being marinated in BBQ sauce. You can marinate the tofu for up to 24 hours for an intense flavor.

You can also make the skewers up ahead of time so that they are ready to cook as soon as your guests arrive. 

13. Mushroom Burger 

This vegan burger is made with mushrooms, chickpeas, and oats for a substantial texture and savory flavor.

It is high in protein and fiber and low in fat which makes it a really healthy and nutritious choice. They also contain ground flax seeds which are high in nutrients, and breadcrumbs to help bind the ingredients together.

The burger is flavored with chopped parsley, paprika, soy sauce, oregano and basil. These ingredients are easy to get hold of to create a deep flavor which is very delicious. 

14. BBQ Zucchini With Salsa Verde 

This is a simple but delightful recipe that is ready in only 30 minutes. The zucchini is cut into thin slices, brushed with olive oil and then grilled.

This leaves lovely char marks which looks very appetizing. The grilled courgettes are then mixed with white beans. This is topped with salsa verde, which is the real star of the dish.

It is made with capers, olive oil, lemon, mint and parsley. When all of the ingredients are piled together on the plate it looks so delicious and the colors are very eye catching. 

15. Hawaiian Seitan Skewers 

Seitan is a great meat replacement to use for vegan recipes. It has a ‘meaty’ texture and will take on whatever flavor you cook it with.

These kebabs are loaded with red onion, bell peppers, tomatoes, pineapple, and seitan flavored with a sticky glaze.

The glaze is made with salty soy sauce, sweet and tangy pineapple juice, garlic, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, ginger, red pepper flakes, and agave.

These skewers only take 25 minutes to make for a quick and easy vegan dish. 


Whether you want to tuck into a skewer of fresh vegetables, a vegan bruschetta, a mushroom burger, cauliflower wings, seitan kebabs or vegan ribs, there is something for everyone on this list.

You can customize the recipes by adjusting the amount of spices and herbs used to flavor the dish. You can choose several recipes to create a feast, or attempt them one at a time.

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