15 Delicious Cabbage Vegan Recipes That You Will Love

Cabbage is an underrated vegetable, but it’s also low-calorie and also full of healthy nutrients, which makes it such a fantastic ingredient to base a recipe around!

15 Delicious Cabbage Vegan Recipes That You Will Love

Not many people know the best way to make use of cabbage, however, so if you’re looking for some ways to incorporate cabbage into your meals, then don’t worry, as we have compiled a list of some of the most delicious vegan cabbage recipes that you will love!

So, if you’re looking for some super healthy cabbage dishes that are going to help provide you with all the nutrients you need, then these cabbage recipes are a great way to start, so read on and discover some great recipes.

1. Cabbage Soup

If you have a load of veggies lingering around your pantry that you want to get rid of, then there is no better way to do so than by making a big veggie soup!

This soup sees cabbage become the star of the show. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective meal that can provide you with multiple portions over the course of a week, this is a great recipe to make, especially if you live by yourself!

This recipe is soy and gluten-free as well as vegan, so it’s super healthy and full of nutrients too!

2. Vegan Manchurian Balls

Cabbage is a popular ingredient all over the world, and is an extremely popular addition to Asian dishes especially, which is why this is the first of many Asian-inspired recipes on this list!

If you’re looking for a recipe that is absolutely packed with vegetables then this one’s for you, as not only does it feature cabbage as its main ingredient, but it also includes plenty of carrots and cauliflower too!

Although, some of the healthy aspects of this recipe is somewhat lost considering you have to fry the Manchurian Balls!

3. Vegetable Momos

If you’re looking for something new to really mix up your weekly cooking, then introducing some street food can certainly be a great way of doing so, whilst you might not have heard of vegetable momos before, they’re extremely popular in Delhi, and it’s always great to try out recipes from around the world!

This recipe suggests you steam your vegetable momos, and whilst there are other ways of cooking them, in the interest of remaining healthy, we recommend steaming them too.

They can be served either as a delicious snack or as an accompaniment to your main meal, so you should definitely try them out.

4. Vegan Cabbage Fried Rice

If you regularly have rice left over then there’s a good chance that you’ll likely already know just how amazing it can be to use it to make fried rice, but if you also happen to find yourself with a load of cabbage waiting to be used in your pantry, then why not combine the two by using this amazing recipe?

Low calories, high amounts of fiber, and full of other great and healthy nutrients, this fried rice is a great way of turning those leftovers into a fantastic healthy lunchtime treat, so the next time you’re making rice up for a meal, make a little extra so you can use it for this recipe the next day!

5. Lemon And Garlic Sauteed Cabbage

If you’re looking for a recipe that is simple and easy to make but is absolutely bursting with flavor, then you need not look any further than this amazing lemon and garlic sauteed cabbage recipe!

The lemon juice and the garlic compliment each other perfectly and help to provide a distinct fresh and zesty taste that will go exceptionally well alongside some well-seasoned rice and some other veggies too.

6. Asian ‘Slaw And Maple Syrup Ginger Dressing

If you’re looking for a side dish that is going to brighten up your meal times, then making this Asian-inspired ‘Slaw’ is going to be the perfect accompaniment.

So if you’re someone who regularly enjoys making great Asian vegan dishes, then you should definitely consider adding this coleslaw on the side too.

You could also make up a larger portion if you wanted to eat it as a standalone dish, which would be an excellent choice for a delicious vegan treat!

7. Vegan Southern Fried Cabbage

Looking for a vegan take on this classic southern dish?

Then this vegan southern fried cabbage is going to become your most loved dish, it combines all of the delicious spices and flavors you know and love from the traditional southern fried chicken recipes, and the super healthy and low-carb cabbage, so if you’re looking to go on somewhat of a health kick, this is definitely a dish to consider making!

8. Hot And Sour Soup

If you’re a fan of spice, and spicy soups in particular, then we think you’re going to be sure to love this recipe.

This soup is perfect for the coldest of winter days, so if you’re looking to prepare some recipes ahead of the winter time, then this is a great one to add to your list, and it’s also super healthy too thanks to all of the vegetables included in it.

9. Vegan Sauteed Cabbage

Looking for a great vegan recipe that still has plenty of protein and is both vegan and gluten-free?

Then why not try out this vegan sauteed cabbage recipe, it can be also made oil-free too and is also whole foods complacent, so you just know it’s super healthy!

It also includes some dreamy caramelized onions, so if you’re a big fan of super flavorful veggies, then this dish is a great lunchtime or side dish option.

10. Creamy Blueberry And Apple ‘Slaw

This is another coleslaw recipe, however, it differs slightly from the previous one, especially as this one actually contains fruit in the ingredients list.

It’s perfect if you’re looking for a super simple yet delicious side dish, and because it only takes 10 minutes to prepare, it’s an excellent choice if you happen to have a complicated main dish to make!

11. Vegan Ethiopian Cabbage

Another recipe from around the globe, this Ethiopian cabbage recipe is a great way of trying out some international dishes without having to find any hard-to-find ingredients, as all of the ingredients for this recipe can be found easily at your local grocery store.

The great thing about this dish is that it’s also entirely vegan, as well as gluten-free too, so if you’re looking to find a cost-effective and hearty meal to share with your friends and family, then give this recipe a try.

12. Super Crispy Cabbage Fritters

A delicious appetizer recipe, these amazing cabbage fritters will stand out from the crowd thanks to their super crispy outside and the super soft and chewy texture on the inside, this contrast makes them the perfect dipping vessel for your favorite sauces.

Whilst you might think that making these fritters would be a complicated process, it’s actually an incredibly easy process, which means that you can make this recipe even if you’re a complete beginner at cooking.

13. Vegan Cabbage, Potato, And Chickpea Sheet Pan Dinner

If you’re feeling lazy and want a super easy yet delicious meal that’s going to be sure to satisfy those cravings for something hearty yet healthy, then we definitely think this vegan cabbage, potato, and chickpea sheet pan dinner is going to hit the spot.

So for a super tasty dish that can be paired with even some thick sourdough bread or some rice that also doesn’t leave too much mess in the kitchen, check this recipe out!

14. Veggie Seekh Kebabs

If you often struggle to find some great lunchtime dishes as a vegan, then this recipe is going to change your life.

These amazing veggie seekh kebabs are the ultimate lunchtime snack and can either be served by themselves or be used as a sandwich filling, and you can even prepare them the day before you want to eat them, which saves all of that hassle of making them in the morning!

It’s also a great way of ensuring that you’re eating vegetables too if you’re a fussy eater, and you won’t notice thanks to the amazing taste.

15. Stir-Fried Cabbage And Green Peas

Stir-frys are a great dish if you want to cook something super simple, and they often only require you to use one pot too, which is excellent for those who hate cleaning up after cooking!

Full of veggies and super tasty, this one is great for the winter too!


We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of super delicious and easy-to-make cabbage recipes.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to discover a couple of recipes that you want to try out soon and will cook them for you and your friends and family for them to enjoy as well.

Thanks for reading!

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