15 Best Vegan Lentil Recipes To Try Today

When you think of lentils, your mind will most likely wander straight to soups, or maybe even salads. At first glance, lentils can seem quite boring and not very versatile. 

Luckily though, this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are so many recipes and dishes you can make with lentils, you just have to have a creative approach.

15 Best Vegan Lentil Recipes To Try Today

Once you’ve made an exquisite meal that mainly consists of lentils, you’ll find that they are actually incredibly versatile and delicious. 

We’ve put together a list of 15 of the best vegan lentil recipes that you absolutely need to try today. And don’t let the word “vegan” put you off, because these recipes are incredible. 

15 Best Vegan Lentil Recipes To Try Today

Once you’ve finished reading this list, you will be pleasantly surprised by how versatile they actually are. You can make far more than just soups with lentils and you’re about to learn that here. 

The recipes we have put together in this list are designed to be enjoyed, so take a look at them for yourself! 

1. Lentil Patties

Kicking off this list we have these fabulous lentil patties. Not only are they incredibly delicious but if you follow a vegan diet they work really well in the place of meat patties for burgers. 

Though this recipe does call for eggs, you can very easily swap them out for a vegan alternative and these patties will still taste just as good! 

You can find the full recipe for these lentil patties here 

2. Instant Pot Lentil Soup

We know that we said you can make far more with lentils than just lentil soup, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it completely! Give this lentil soup a try and we promise you that you’ll be making it again and again. 

It’s super easy to make and quick as well, not to mention absolutely delicious. This is a great dish to make on colder nights when you need a bit of comfort. 

You can find the full recipe for this instant pot lentil soup here 

3. Lentils & Rice with Spinach

If you’re looking for a recipe that will help you eat your greens in a delicious way, then you’ll love this lentils and rice recipe. Along with spinach, this recipe also calls for pepper, garlic, scallions, and cilantro, and if you like a bit of spice you can add that into the mix too. 

On top of this, the whole dish is made in one pot, so you don’t have to worry about making a huge mess you’ll have to clean up later. 

You can find the full recipe for these lentils & rice with spinach here 

4. Roasted Carrot & Lentil Curry

Another popular way to use lentils is actually in curry, and when you have the right recipe, it’s absolutely delicious. 

This particular recipe is mainly made out of carrots and lentils, but you’ll also be using Garam Masala, onions, mustard seeds, and dry chili flakes. This recipe only takes 25 minutes to make and you’ll definitely want to try it again. 

You can find the full recipe for this roasted carrot & lentil curry here

5. Stuffed Butternut Squash

If you’re looking for a tasty, meat-free main course, then this stuffed butternut squash might be exactly what you are looking for. Along with lentils, this butternut squash is also stuffed with a load of ingredients such as lentils, kale, dried cranberries, and pumpkin seeds. 

This is a great dish to make during the autumnal months. It is incredibly comforting and will really get you into the spirit of the darker half of the year. 

You can find the full recipe for this stuffed butternut squash here

6. Lentil Stew

Another really hearty meal, this lentil stew can be made on both the stove and in the slow cooker. It is incredibly hearty and filling, so you’ll feel satisfied and comfortable after every single bite. 

This particular recipe is made with harissa paste which will add some warm and spicy depth to the whole dish. On top of this, this lentil stew is completely vegan and gluten-free! 

You can find the full recipe for this lentil stew here 

7. Fluffy Vegan Protein Pancakes

Pancakes in a list of lentil recipes? We can see your eyebrows raising as you read this! But don’t be fooled, these are definitely pancakes, but hidden within are actually red lentils! 

These vegan pancakes are absolutely delicious as well, filled with plenty of protein that will help you get through your day. This is the perfect breakfast and sweet and tasty way to use up any lentils you have in your kitchen. 

You can find the full recipe for these fluffy vegan protein pancakes here.

8. Lentil Tacos

If you’ve recently switched over to a vegan diet then chances are you miss a lot of meat dishes. But just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up everything. 

Take these amazing lentil tacos for example. There’s absolutely no meat in the recipe, but they still taste like the real deal! This is a great meal to make if you have a lot of mouths to feed and you want to give them something delicious to remember.

Your dinner guests won’t believe that they are primarily made out of lentils! 

You can find the full recipe for these lentil tacos here 

9. Lentil Risotto with Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is making another round in this list, and that’s because it’s one of the best pairings for lentils. This lentil risotto is like a cross between a dal and a risotto, so if you can’t decide which one you want for dinner, this takes that problem away from you. 

As well as being incredibly tasty and nutritious, this risotto is also made using just one pan, so you can enjoy it without worrying about having a massive cleanup later. 

You can find the full recipe for this lentil risotto with butternut squash here

10. Creamy Coconut Curry Lentil Soup

If you really want to prove that lentil curry is absolutely delicious, then this recipe is a game changer. It combines the beauty and tastiness of both curry and soup to create a wonderful coconut concoction. 

This curry lentil soup is both tasty and nutritious, and it consists of a decent amount of fiber and protein too. You and your dinner guests wont be disappointed when you try this recipe for yourself and you’ll find yourself making it again and again. 

You can find the full recipe for this creamy coconut curry lentil soup here

11. Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

It doesn’t get more comforting than a traditional Shepherd’s Pie… except this isn’t a traditional Shepherd’s Pie, instead, it is so much more! 

This recipe takes everything you love about Shepherd’s Pie and makes it tasty and vegan. Lentils thicken the whole dish out a bit too to make it more filling so you won’t need to snack later on.

This is a great dish to make in the colder months when you need something hearty and appetizing. 

You can find the full recipe for this vegan Shepherd’s Pie here

12. Winter Vegetable Dal

Another great recipe to indulge in during the winter months, this winter vegetable dal is inspired by the traditional Indian vegetable dish. 

This vegan vegetable dal is incredibly thick and creamy thanks to the inclusion of coconut milk and it has a unique spicy flavor thanks to the coconut oil.

Incredibly comforting and delicious, once you try this recipe for the first time you won’t be able to help yourself from making it again. 

You can find the full recipe for this winter vegetable dal here

13. Mushroom Vegan Pate Recipe

This is a great vegan recipe for all the mushroom lovers out there. The mushroom adds a lot of texture to this recipe and also makes it a lot more filling, so you’re sure to be satisfied with every bite. 

This vegan mushroom pate works really well as a sharing platter, so it’s an absolutely perfect recipe to make for dinner parties or for movie nights.

You can find the full recipe for this mushroom vegan pate here

14. Vegan Sausage Roll

If you miss sausage rolls, then you are going to love this vegan sausage roll recipe. The “sausage” is made from a mushroom-lentil filling and it tastes absolutely delicious. It doesn’t taste exactly like sausage rolls, if anything, it tastes better. 

You can find the full recipe here

15. Meatless Chili Sin Carne

If you fancy some chili con carne but you don’t want meat, you actually want a chili sin carne, and that’s exactly what this is! 

Tasty and extremely comforting, this recipe makes use of lentils in an absolutely delicious way that you will want to eat again and again. 

You can find the full recipe here


Lentils don’t have to be boring, and this list definitely proves it! 

Try out these recipes for yourself and see how delicious they really are.

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