15 Best Vegan Grill Recipes To Try Today

When it comes to BBQ season, most people will be looking at select cuts of beef, pork and chicken to put on their grill.

15 Best Vegan Grill Recipes To Try Today

But vegans might be scratching their heads at this point, thinking: “Where are all the good vegan grill recipes?”

Well, just because you have decided not to consume any animal products, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy kicking back in the sun with some beers and enjoying some amazing grilled vegan foods.

But where can you find some great recipes? Why here of course!

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best vegan grill recipes that we could find on the internet and hopefully, they will be a springboard to some even more adventurous food options.

15 Best Vegan Grill Recipes

1. Cinnamon Orange Vanilla Grilled Vegan French Toast

If you are a fan of firing up your grill in the morning, then you can’t really go wrong with this sumptuous and very sweet orange and vanilla vegan french toast.

This has enough sugar in it to keep you buzzing until lunchtime.

Slathered in orange dusting and peanut butter, this hits all the spots when you want to combine sweet and savory flavors in the morning.

2. Grilled Corn On The Cob

This next recipe is very simple yet it comes jam-packed with flavor.

This is one of the quickest recipes to make, all you have to do is take some corn on the cob and whack it on your grill. But surely it can’t be that simple?

No, you can brush this delicious healthy snack with some olive oil or you can even drizzle it with butter for that extra creamy texture.

This is great for getting that carb boost before you go to the gym.

3. Grilled Guacamole

Now we have something that is creamy and delicious, great for having as a side for your salad or even as a filler for your chickpea burger.

This comes made with fresh avocado and will only take 20 minutes to make.

All you need to do is grill your avocados face down but keep their original green color.

Once you have done this then scrape them out of their skins and mash them thoroughly. Add some onions and cilantro and you’ll be done.

4. Zest Vegetable Fajitas

Why go for meat when you can just substitute them for some of the meatiest vegetables that you can find on the market?

Loaded up with portobello mushrooms, red onion and crunchy asparagus all wrapped in a floury tortilla, what’s not to like?

And the best thing about this recipe is that you can have it ready in next-to-no time at all! All you need to do is throw this stuff in a skillet and you’ll be ready to do!

Needless to say, this is one of the healthiest recipes that we have on this list.

5. Grilled Ginger Cauliflower Steaks With Tahini Sauce

Now one of the best substitutes that you can get for meat is cauliflower.

These are some of the most delicious things that you can get, easy to grill and will absorb a whole host of wonderful flavors.

Grilling is a very easy way to make these, slathering them in Tahini sauce, which will give it that extra kick of creaminess and spice.

The ginger will also give these steaks that extra kick that will your spicy meat-loving friends that extra bit jealous.

6. Grilled Plantains

These banana-shaped objects might look like they’ll be sweet, but in fact, they are very savory – much like potatoes.

Again, the great thing about this recipe is the fact that it is so simple to make and eat.

All you need to do is cut these into sections and then throw them on the skillet with the skins still on.

The final result will almost taste like caramel and you can throw them in a bun as if they were burgers.

7. Grilled Green Goddess Wraps

Now this one might leave you scratching your head wondering what the hell a Goddess wrao actually is.

This comes with lima bean spread and broccoli, both of which combine to make a meal that is not only very tasty but is very creamy too.

These wraps are the perfect stomach filler, sealing in the flavor with perfection.

Why not prepare a bunch of these wraps and arrange them on a plate so that all of your vegan guests can have a taste of them?

8. Grilled Peaches

The great thing about a lot of these vegan recipes is the fact that they only require very few ingredients to make a completely delicious meal.

This comes with a teaspoon of melted coconut oil that will lend the peach an extra sweet kick.

You can also add some salt or chili flakes to this recipe to take an edge off the sweetness.

Although you might not think it, these peaches would make the perfect filling for your chickpeas or falafel burger.

9. Grilled Ratatouille Sandwich

Now we have a great sandwich that is made from a mixture of delicious vegetables and a white bean dip that is packed full of delicious garlic flavor.

This contains eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers, the flavors of which will be vying for attention.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can swap out the bun for a gluten-free option.

This is one of the healthiest sandwiches that you can find out there. The thick and juicy vegetables are the perfect substitute for meat.

10. Din Tai Fung Tofu

Now we have some really tasty dumplings made with the vegan’s weapon of choice, that’s right, tofu.

One of the best things about this dish is that you can have it on a bed of rice and vegetables.

This dish certainly has an Eastern flavor, with the marinaded black vinegar giving it that extra kick that will elevate it above regular tofu.

The drawback of this dish is that you will need a lot of prep time, even if the cooking time only takes 5 minutes!

11. Grilled Baby Potatoes With Rosemary

Now we have something that is very simple for anyone who hates the idea of preparing more than one ingredient.

With a dash of herbs and salt, you can have a really delicious, stomach-filling meal in next to no time at all.

This recipe will ensure that your potatoes are wonderfully crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy in the middle.

We all love potatoes and they make a great main or a side dish to a vegan burger.

12. Grilled Summer Vegetables With Apple Mustard Sauce

Next up, we have a delicious salad with that extra zest that would be absolutely ideal for your summer barbeque.

You can have this as a side dish to your main meal or you can set them aside as a help-yourself dish at a party.

The apple mustard sauce is what really sets this meal apart from all the others. All you need to do is mix some applesauce with a little bit of spicy mustard.

The combination of these flavors works perfectly with the earthy taste of the vegetables.

13. Sweet And Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Now we move on to a classic of the vegan genre, that’s right, we have deliciously spicy black bean burgers.

Not only is this a tasty dish, but it is an incredible source of fiber. This also comes with mango habanero cream, which adds a nice, sexy sweetness.

You can have this with whole wheat rolls or, if you are wanting to keep it super healthy, a gluten-free bun. This comes with a taste that will linger on the palate for quite some time.

14. Grillable Veggie Burgers

With a handful of ingredients, you can make your own burger from scratch.

This is great for anyone who wants to control exactly what is going into their food. This is made with walnuts and black beans which is what gives it that earthy flavor.

Once you have made these patties (to whatever size specifications that you want) then you can throw them in the skillet.

Make sure you get those wonderful skillet marks that you always get with the grilled meat counterparts.

15. Grilled Vegan Burrito Bowl

Finally, we end with a burrito bowl, which is a dish that is growing in popularity and with very good reason.

All you need for this dish are some wonderful grilled vegetables such as creamy avocado and rich, zesty tomato.

Then all you have to do is top this dish with creamy cilantro dressing, added to that creamy corn.

This comes packed with so many flavors in one dish, it will have your tastebuds screaming and eyes rolling in the back of your head.


We hope that this list of grilled vegan recipes has helped you to decide which one, or maybe two or three, recipes you are going to have at your next vegan barbeque.

Just remember that there is no limit when it comes to seasoning and that you can serve them as mains or a side dish.

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