Are McDonald’s Fries Vegan? Find Out If It’s Safe For You

McDonald’s fries have been known to contain beef fat, milk protein concentrate, egg yolk, pork lard, and other animal-derived ingredients.

Are Mcdonald’s Fries Vegan? Find Out If It’s Safe For You

This means that they aren’t completely vegetarian or vegan. If you want to eat them without harming animals, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Are French Fries Vegan?

French fries, in their natural state, are usually 100% veg! But let’s face it, we don’t always know what goes into our fast food, especially when it comes to french fries. So how do we know whether those fries are actually vegan?

The answer is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is look up the ingredients list.

If there isn’t anything listed under “vegetable oil,” “soybean oil,” “margarine,” “butter,” or any other combination of words like that, then you’ll know that the fries contain animal products.

But if the ingredient list includes something like “potatoes,” “coconut oil,” “canola oil,” or “cornstarch,” then you can rest assured that the fries are totally vegan.

Are Mcdonald’s Fries Vegan In The US?

McDonald’s fries are considered one of America’s favorite foods. But did you know that they’re actually vegan-friendly? A few decades ago, McDonald’s used to offer some fries without any meat flavoring. These fries were known as “beefless.”

They weren’t necessarily vegan, but they had no animal products added to them. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Today, the French fry giant adds artificial flavors like salt and sugar to their fries.

The reason why McDonald’s fries aren’t vegan anymore isn’t that they’ve changed their recipe; it’s because the ingredients list on the packaging hasn’t been updated over the years.

So, while McDonald’s fries are technically vegan, they’re still filled with artificial flavors.

Are They Cooked In Palm Oil?

McDonald’s french fries are one of America’s favorite foods. But did you know that the fast food chain uses palm oil in many of its products?

Although it’s a commonly used vegetable oil, palm oil is actually a controversial ingredient because of how destructive it is to our environment.

Palm oil plantations are known for destroying tropical rainforest habitats and displacing local communities. As demand increases, deforestation accelerates even further.

As far as McDonald’s is concerned, palm oil isn’t the only controversy surrounding the popular restaurant.

The company has faced backlash over several issues including labor practices, animal welfare, and environmental damage.

Are Mcdonald’s Fries In The UK Vegan?

McDonald’s fries in the UK aren’t actually vegan. They contain milk powder and egg whites, among other things.

However, they don’t use any animal products, including beef tallow, lard, or chicken fat. So, it’s safe to say that the fries are totally free of animal products.

The reason why you might think otherwise is that the fries are cooked separately from the rest of the meal. As such, they’re cooked in different vats than the rest of the food.

Because of this, they never come into contact or even see the same fryer as any other part of the meal.

This process helps keep the fries completely clean. If they did come into contact with other parts of the meal, they could potentially pick up some of the oils used to cook meats.

This isn’t good news for vegans or vegetarians.

Are Mcdonald’s Fries In Europe Vegan?

The UK isn’t the only place where vegans are served up some tasty french fries. In fact, most countries across Europe use vegan-friendly frying techniques, without adding beef flavorings to coat their fries.

This includes France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey.

Of course, this can vary based on the country you’re traveling to, but most European countries still offer vegan and vegetarian-friendly options.

For example, McDonald’s offers several vegan menu items in the UK, including the McVegan burger and McVeggie burger.

These burgers contain no animal products, just plant-based ingredients like soy protein, pea protein, rice protein, potato starch, and wheat gluten.

What Are The Ingredients In Mcdonald’s Fries?

The fast-food giant has been under fire for listing some of the ingredients it uses in its French fries.

This includes trans fats, monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, yellow dye, and bleached flour.


Potato chips are usually the best way to enjoy potato products. But what about french fries? Well, according to the FDA, you shouldn’t eat them because they contain too much fat.

And while McDonald’s fries aren’t exactly healthy, they’re still better than most alternatives.

Are Mcdonald’s Fries Vegan? Find Out If It’s Safe For You

The reason why McDonald’s fries don’t qualify as healthy food is simple: They’re fried. Fried foods are notoriously unhealthy due to how quickly they go rancid once exposed to air.

In fact, one study found that french fries lose half of their nutritional value within 24 hours. So even though McDonald’s fries are healthier than regular fries, they’re still pretty unhealthy.

That being said, there are some ways to make McDonald’s fries healthier. You could try adding vegetables like broccoli or spinach to your order or opting for baked fries instead of deep-fried ones.

Or maybe just skip the fries altogether and opt for something else off the menu.

Natural Beef Flavoring

The natural flavorings used in McDonald’s French fries are responsible for the fact that the fast food chain doesn’t offer vegan options.

If you’ve ever wondered why some chips don’t taste like cheese or barbecue sauce, it’s because McDonald’s uses artificial flavorings to make up for the lack of real ingredients. 

These flavorings include beef extract, caramel color, soy protein concentrate, and natural beef flavoring.

In addition to beef flavoring, McDonald’s also adds preservatives like potassium sorbate and sodium nitrite to keep the fries soft.

Potassium sorbate helps preserve the texture of french fries, while sodium nitrite prevents bacteria growth. Sodium nitrite is commonly found in processed meats like hot dogs and bacon.

Vegetable Oil

McDonald’s fries contain the second most saturated fat of any fast food item. And it’s not just because they’re deep-fried; there’s actually quite a lot of oil absorbed into the product while it cooks. This is what makes them so unhealthy.

The French fry industry has been under scrutiny for some time now, and many people believe that McDonald’s fries could be worse than regular french fries.

In fact, according to a study conducted by researchers at Cornell University, McDonald’s fries contain about double the amount of saturated fats compared to traditional French fries.

This is largely due to the type of oil they cook their fries in. When you look closer at the ingredients list, you’ll find that McDonald’s fries are usually prepared in a combination of canola oil, vegetable shortening, soybean oil, corn oil, and palm oil — all of which are very high in saturated fats.


The sweetener is used in french fries to give them a sweeter taste. And while some people love it, others don’t like it. In fact, many people find it too sweet.

But why do restaurants add it to fries? Well, according to some, it’s because they want to trick you into eating more.

If you’ve ever had McDonald’s fries, you probably noticed how difficult it is to stop eating them once you start. That’s because they contain a lot of simple carbohydrates — aka, sugar.

Simple carbs are highly addictive to humans. Our brains are wired to crave them because they provide instant energy. So when we eat something with lots of simple carbs, our bodies release dopamine, which makes us feel good.

And since we evolved to crave foods that gave us a sense of well-being, adding dextrose to fries tricks our brains into thinking that they’re getting a hit of pure happiness.

Sodium Pyrophosphate

This is one ingredient found in many food products. It’s used to keep the product looking bright and shiny.

But sodium acid pyrophosphate isn’t just good for keeping things looking pretty; it’s also toxic. In fact, it’s been linked to cancer.

The chemical compound is actually added to the outer layer of french fry batter during production. And while you won’t find much of it in a single serving, it adds up over time. 


McDonald’s fries are one of America’s favorite foods, but it turns out that the beloved french fry isn’t exactly low in calories.

In fact, a single serving contains about 200 milligrams of sodium — almost twice what you’d find in a cup of regular soda.

But don’t worry, McDonald’s is here to help. Its latest menu item, the Bacon & Egg McMuffin, packs just under 500 mg of sodium into each sandwich.

 And while some people might think that’s too much, experts say there’s nothing wrong with adding a little extra salt to your diet. 

Final Thoughts

While McDonald’s has made strides in improving its menu options, it still serves up plenty of unhealthy fares.

That said, it’s important to remember that even though these fries aren’t exactly healthy, they’re not as bad as other fast food items on the market.

For example, a Big Mac meal from Burger King contains 1,000 mg of sodium, while a Whopper from McDonald’s clocks in at only 700 mg.

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