Embarking On Your Raw Food Journey with the Raw Food Sisters by Julie and Katrin Selmer

Put Out the Fire by Catherine Ruehle

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  1. My Ecelctic Kitchen app is THE BEST app I have found on the market at the present time. This app is so well done and SUPERBLY organized. The app has recipes for beverages, breads, breakfast, condiments, mains, sales, sides, snacks and sweets. Plus it has a tab for shopping, videos and other resources. This may sound like a lot. Because IT IS, for the little that you pay. I am a self thought raw-food vegan chef myself and have hundreds of recipes in my head passed down from my mom and my grandma. Yet I use this app very often, even if I don’t follow every recipe to the T, I get great ideas and inspiration from this app. For non vegans as well, this is the app for you – to add a variety of plant based foods into your meal plan. As well, this app is great for people who don’t know how to cook, as the instructions are so easy, clear and concise .
    If you download the app on your phone you have the recipes with you all the time (that is if you have your phone on you all the time like I do – lol), so when you are at a grocery store or deciding what to prepare for a meal, just open up the app, pick a recipe and it’s all there – the ingredients and the method. My only negative comment about the app is it’s too cheap for what the author offers. Really this is a deal. Every person who has a smart phone should have this app! This way they will learn to eat well and take interest in nourishing their body with wholesome foods. It should be a mandatory app like the Clock or the Calendar.
    Thank you Yvonne for this amazing app.

  2. Hi Lillian!

    You are THE best! So wonderful of you to say such kind and thoughtful things! I really appreciate all the love and support you’ve given me! I’m so glad I made a friend all the way in Bali!

    Big hugs to you!


  3. As a vegan who cooks often, I absolutely LOVE this app!! I have so many new ideas to try in the kitchen, especially now with the Holidays coming. This app is very easy to use and read, I love how I can add “Favorites” while I’m browsing the various recipes. Thank you for the wonderful new recipe ideas! Best App I have downloaded to date!

    :) Rachel

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful review, Rachel! I’m so happy this is a great resource for you. Wow, “Best App” you have ever downloaded?! That means SO much to me. <3 Thank you, again!!!

    Big Hugs,


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