July 15 – 21, 2015 – Chocolate Truffle Cake Ingredients and Spring Form Pan Giveaway with Gluten-free With Emily

March 19 – 29, 2015 – Vitamix Giveaway with @ilovetoeatplants and @plantstrong_mom

March11 – March 18, 2015 – Carbon 38, Whole Foods, and Gigi’s Remix Giveaway with Gina Ragnone: @GranolaBitch

March 2 – 9, 2015 – 30K Instagram Giveaway with Melissa’s Produce

February 10 – 17, 2015 – Healthy Valentine’s Giveaway with My Beauty Bunny

February 12, 2015 – Engine 2 Challenge Graduation Dinner and Live Cooking Demo at Whole Foods Torrance

January 25, 2015 – LA Cookie Convention Live Demonstration with Melissa’s Produce

January 7 – 14, 2015 – Ka’Chava Shake Giveaway

December 27 – January 3, 2015 – Raw Revolution Bars Giveaway

December 8 – 14, 2014 – Fruit Basket Giveaway with Melissa’s Produce

December 1 – 12, 2014 – Vegan Generation Giveaway with Raising Vegans

December 6, 2o14 –  Los Angeles Vegan Potluck – Ugly Sweater Party 

November 21 – 29, 2014 – Pitaya Plus Giveaway

November 3 – 14, 2014 – Thanksgiving Giveaway with Gina Ragnone: @GranolaBitch

November 1, 2014 – Los Angeles Vegan Potluck – Halloween / Dia de los Muertos-style

August 9, 2014 – Los Angeles Vegan Potluck – Summer






A little birdie told me my 10K giveaway wasn’t as exciting as my very first giveaway.  After some thought, I decided to bulk up the giveaway and to extend the length of the contest.  Here is the revised 10K giveaway contest info!

To celebrate reaching 10,000 followers, I’m having a giveaway contest to give thanks to you all for your love and support. It’s truly a labor of love that I create and share my recipes with you. The positive feedback and photos that you share of your recreations warms my heart and has made it even more worthwhile. As a token of my appreciation, I will be giving away some of my favorite kitchen staples:
@Nutiva organic hemp seeds;
@Yogitea chai rooibos tea;
#CoconutSecret: coconut aminos (soy-free soy sauce substitute), coconut nectar, and coconut vinegar (even better than apple cider vinegar);
@AncientHarvest organic quinoa pasta;
#SeaweedIceland raw dulse;
@BobsRedMill gluten free ‘sweet’ sorghum flour;
@TraderJoes mixed wild dried mushroom medley; #ThreeLadiesBrand #RicePaperWrappers;
#KingSoba organic sweet potato and buckwheat noodles;
@Vitacost organic cacao powder;
@Edenfoods ume plum vinegar.

To enter this giveaway contest, you need to do 3 simple things:
1. Repost this photo on Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #YvonnesDeliciousGiveaway and include on your post “@yvonne_deliciously_vegan” on Instagram, or “My Eclectic Kitchen” on Facebook.
2. Must be following me @yvonne_deliciously_vegan on Instagram, or like my page, My Eclectic Kitchen, on Facebook.
3. Tag a friend on my original Instagram or Facebook giveaway post.

The winner will be selected randomly via the hashtag #YvonnesDeliciousGiveaway.  I will ship anywhere in the world.  You can enter once daily on  Instagram, or on my ‘My Eclectic Kitchen’ Facebook page.

The contest runs until Saturday, May 10th, when I announce the winner.

Don’t forget to follow my page, My Eclectic Kitchen, on Facebook and @yvonne_deliciously_vegan, on Instagram!

Thank you again and good luck!


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