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My Eclectic Kitchen is a collection of recipes that celebrates plant-based and gluten-free whole foods.

Chef Yvonne Ardestani proves that vegan and gluten-free cooking is absolutely delicious.  She develops veganized and de-glutenized versions of the “classics” and of recipes she learned in culinary school and professional restaurants.  All of her recipes are vegan, refined sugar-, gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, and, best of all, devoid of refined ingredients.  Chef Yvonne is a classically trained French chef, former restaurant cook under Chefs Suzanne Goin and Breanne Varela, and now a wellness chef. Yvonne is very passionate about and dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle, nutrition, helping the environment, and protecting animals from cruelty while still eating deliciously.

The Chef

In 2009, Yvonne Ardestani started her blog, My Eclectic Kitchen, when she enrolled in culinary school at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Pasadena, California.  She began chronicling her life in a culinary setting as an intern-turned-cook for world-renowned chef, Suzanne Goin.  While working within the fast-paced kitchens of Chef Goin’s restaurants, Lucques and Tavern, Yvonne learned the importance of preparing foods farm-to-table while focusing on locally grown seasonal foods.  She had an amazing experience working the line and preparing for service.  She was honored to prepare dessert for Barack Obama’s fundraiser dinner at Tavern and was fortunate to cater with Lucques at the SAG awards and Oscar parties for a few years.  It was exciting and Yvonne will always savor the memories.

Yvonne will be forever grateful for all the knowledge and experience she gained working in professional kitchens.  However, concerned about her personal health condition—hypothyroidism—she felt compelled to exercise her culinary skills and creativity to harness a lifestyle that would allow her to maintain a good balance of healthy and delicious tasting foods. Yvonne knew that it was ever-important for her to eliminate butter, cream, sugar, and kosher salt in the foods that she cooked for herself because although she was an avid runner and physically thin, her LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides were high for the very first time in her life.  Yvonne attributed her suboptimal blood results on copious amounts of taste-testing at work, staff meals, and feasting on day-old pastries that would have otherwise been tossed.

Luckily, a great opportunity presented itself and Yvonne was prepared to leave her training ground to become a private chef for clients who wanted flavorful and satisfying food, but also low in caloric intake and high in nutrition.  In collaboration with a client’s fitness expert and self-care coach, Anna Price, Yvonne developed balanced meals to meet specific weight-loss goals, while still being able to satisfy her clients’ sophisticated palettes.

In early 2013, Yvonne read Kimberly Snyder‘s The Beauty Detox Solution and it positively changed her life.  Since transitioning to a vegan and gluten-free lifestyle in early 2013, she is passionate about vegan cooking that not only looks and tastes good, but also caters to a healthy lifestyle.  Yvonne is compelled to share the goodness of recipes that she tests out, enjoys, and develops herself.

Yvonne’s inspiration for new recipes comes from her multi-cultural background, her favorite ethnic restaurants and markets, devouring cookbooks, magazines Instagram, blogs, and experimenting with exciting ingredients in her humble city kitchen.

Yvonne invites you to come along in her journey as she creates healthy, nutritious, and decadent plant-based food that will ultimately lead to renewed energy, wellness, and longevity.


To learn more about Yvonne, read a “Dignified Woman” interview conducted by The Raw Food Sisters.


The App

The My Eclectic Kitchen cookbook app is now available for sale on iTunes and Google Play.  Download here.

In the app, you will receive 158 delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes.  Search for recipes by food-type, diet (raw, nut-free, soy-free), ingredients, or by photo. Updates will be made regularly, which means that you will receive recipes as Yvonne creates them!  You can find useful resources and tips, such as how to properly soak nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes; vegan and gluten-free substitutes for common cooking ingredients; most commonly used kitchen equipment; kitchen staples; and suggested articles on family, home, garden, food and drink, mind, and body.  You can even watch Yvonne’s cooking videos, index your favorite recipes, and shop for kitchen equipment and ingredients!

The app is not only for those with vegan and gluten-free diets, but also for those who are looking to eat healthier without compromising flavor.


The eBook

The My Eclectic Kitchen Cookbook, Volume 1 eBook is now available for sale!

It contains over 120 recipes– the same recipes that were originally loaded into the app!  It was created specifically for those without Apple iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).  Basically, the eBook is the app in book form.

To download healthy, vegan, and gluten-free recipes, click here!


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  3. Dear Yvonne,

    I hope this message finds you well, I am writing to you inquiring about whether you would be interested in a short interview featuring your creations.

    I have recently launched my website and wish to use my platform partly to spread the news about people whom inspire me (like-minded movers and shakers: healers, teachers and artists such as yourself). The Labyrinth is a complete labor of love and I would be happy to feature you as one of the chefs around the globe. The interview would be featured under a column entitled “luminaries”.

    I would be spreading the message of your art and business through my portal
    and ask that you also return the love with one mention of the interview featuring your business! The interview qs. can be sent through email (would take about 15-20 mins depending on how detailed you choose to be).

    I am excited to hear your thoughts, and whatever you choose I wish you the best of luck.

    Zahra Dabirzadeh

  4. Janine on February 8, 2016 at 8:18 am said:

    Hi Yvonne,

    I met you last week Friday at NVDA during the Farmer’s Market. I was the lady with a baby in the stroller (if you recall). I just downloaded your app! I love the recipes, and especially the pictures that come with it. I have found in the past that having to see the end product with a recipe makes it more exciting to try out. I’ll be trying your breads this weekend! I also love Kim Snyder’s books. Have you read Natalia Rose’s books?

    I hope this message finds you well :):) Happy eating :):):)

  5. Hello Yvonne,

    My name is Rieni from Case de Sante, a new organic brand startup based in West Chester, Pennsylvania. We specialize in producing healthy, gluten free, tummy and FODMAP friendly products using only the best spices, herbs and fruits.

    Our products are developed by a physician scientist and are inspired by the holistic teachings of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese Medicine and other herbal traditions. We believe that health is found in nature and proper digestion is one of the keys to good health!

    Our store link: https://squareup.com/store/casa-de-sante/

    We are reaching out to see if you are interested to review one of our products called lemonAID. A lemon spice herbal infusion of 12 herbs, fruits and spices. lemonAID is gluten and salt free, no artificial colors.

    If you are interested, kindly reply this email and send you lemonAID. Feel free to ask if you have any question, we’ll be more than happy to answer.

    Thanks and looking forward for your positive response.

  6. Hi Janine!

    My sincere apologies for the delayed response! Thank you so much for your message! I just love Kimberly Snyder! I have not yet read Natalia Rose’s books, but think I will have to very soon!

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the app and my recipes! I hope you are well and hope to see you soon again!

    All the Best,


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