Grocery Outlet Bargain Market – NOSH section.



One of my favorite places to buy food, health, and beauty products is the Grocery Outlet. You don’t need to cut costs on daily essentials, like healthy food. You can eat organic, healthy food cost effectively.  Grocery Outlet offers consumers high-end, name-brand products at a fraction of the cost. See what deals I got during my recent trip! Click the photo, above, to watch!

There are several locations throughout the United States. Click here to find a store near you.  Unfortunately, a Los Angeles location will not open until the end of this year, so I have to stop in whenever I visit Northern California or San Diego.  On my most recent trip to San Diego, I stopped in at the Grocery Outlet where they have an expanding NOSH section. NOSH is Grocery Outlet’s acronym for Natural, Organic, Specialty and Healthy foods.  If you’re not familiar, let me fill you in.  The NOSH section doesn’t only include food.  It also includes health and beauty products, such as organic lotions, shampoos and conditioners. Other top selling products are the organic protein powders and fitness supplements.  What I love most about the NOSH section is the organic produce and how they always carry my essential kitchen staples: organic quinoa, chia seeds, kale chips, organic tortilla chips (for the hubby), coconut oil, shredded coconut, nut milks, coconut water, and nuts.

If you shop at Grocery Outlet – an extreme bargain retailer – rather than pricier natural food stores, you can save up to 70% more on groceries and other products compared with shopping conventional retailers exclusively.  I love that because it creates a lot of savings for me!  How is this possible?  Grocery Outlet is able to provide huge savings to its customers because product manufacturers often sell overstock products or products with packaging changes to Grocery Outlet.  For example, some brands may roll out holiday packaging for a limited time during that season.  However, once that season is over, they may have an overstock of items with the holiday packaging that are still high quality and are looking for a home on store shelves – that’s where Grocery Outlet would come in.  At Grocery Outlet you don’t have to wait for the sales, they are continual and customers always know they are going to save 40-70% off on the same brands and products featured at traditional stores, including natural, organic, specialty and healthy items.

More about Grocery Outlet in general. They carry refrigerated and frozen foods, fresh produce, organics, dry groceries, beer and wine, health and beauty care, over- the-counter drugs, household products, toys and gifts.  I recommend stopping in and checking them out!

Notable deals:

Item                                               Grocery Outlet      Elsewhere

Quinoa Milk                                $1.49                       $ 2.99

Oat Milk                                         1.29                         2.49

Walnuts                                         3.99                         4.99

Pecans                                           3.99                         8.19

Coconut flour                               3.99                         11.99

Maple Syrup                                6.99                         9.99

French Green Lentils                3.99                         7.99

Jug of Maple Syrup                  12.99                        17.99

Chia Seeds                                  4.99                         14.99

Nature’s Path Qia Bars            2/$1                        2.29

Kale Chips                                  2.99                          6.99

Glutenfree Pancake Mix        3.99                          6.99

Glutenfree All-Purpose Flour 3.99                        6.99

Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta 1.79                    3.19

Gratify Gluten free Crackers 1.99                          4.99

Organic Dried Cranberries 1.49                            3.99

Organic Tropical Fruit Sauce 1.99                       4.99

Coconut Water                       1.99                           3.99


As a treat for my followers, I will be holding a giveaway for 2 $50 dollar gift cards from the Grocery Outlet.  See my Instagram account for details!  Username @yvonne_deliciously_vegan.

I hope you learned more about the Grocery Outlet and make a visit soon!


Disclaimer: This post was courtesy of the awesome people at the Grocery Outlet, who provided me with gift cards for my shopping experience.  Of course all the opinions are of my own and I wouldn’t share those opinons unless I truly loved it.

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