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“Embarking On Your Raw Food Journey with the Raw Food Sisters” by Julie and Katrin Selmer is the ultimate beginner’s guide for those starting a raw food lifestyle, or for those wanting to incorporate more raw foods into their existing diet.

The Raw Food Sisters provide essential information needed to embrace and thrive in a raw foods lifestyle, covering a wide range of topics from sprouting nuts and seeds, essential kitchen equipment, kitchen staples, superfoods, proper food combining, to natural beauty tips and how to handle different social situations.  Their informative eBook also includes recipes with detailed instructions that give you the power to develop your own creations.  These recipes for meals and snacks are delicious, easy to make, and full of nutrition.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive beginner’s guide to raw foods, this eBook is for you—Julie and Katrin have a great way of delivering ideas and recipes.  Click here, http://therawfoodsisters.com/e-book/ to purchase their eBook in English or Swedish.

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