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One of my favorite things - taking a walk. Peyman bites my ear more than kisses me. That's how he shows his love and affection...

My sister Riva introduced me to an application called Pinterest so I can gather all my ideas together without cutting and pasting ideas into MSWord.  This is because about 2-3 months ago I compiled images of wedding inspiration into a Word doc.  I sent it to my sisters for them to see, and Riva sent me the invite to Pinterest.  Oh my, was it life-changing.  I feel more organized and less scatterbrained.  Thank God for it.  I can easily click on my pinned images and be sent back to the websites where I spotted links. Not only that, I can search for certain topics and pin others’ pins onto to my boards too. It’s amazing and yet can be a big time-waster, like Twitter can be.

On Pinterest I’ve posted some wedding planning ideas, a few items on my bucket list, party planning ideas, and a few other pieces of useless information.  Having a “my style” board is pretty useless since I don’t really dress up much anymore :(.. Plus, who has time to look for clothes online?  I’d rather look for inspiration for home, kitchen, garden decor and for ideas on sweet things to do for my loved ones.  It’s a good place to remind myself of a few of my favorite things.

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