Happy New Year!


Wow, I read my last post and it was looong!  Talking about torture reading through the entire post.  Sorry to my readers!  This year I promise I will try to be more concise and to the point… I will start after this post since I’m putting you up to speed with the latest and greatest. :)

Quick update on my life –

I started tweeting since the start of the basketball season and I only tweet about basketball, namely about the LA Clippers.  I am now THE biggest Clippers fan!  I moved back to Downtown LA last year and am settled in now.  At the same time, down the street, a hot new LA Clippers team formed and settled into Staples Center, outshining the LA Lakers, yeeeahhh!


Getting season tickets this year for the LA Clippers was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  At the game, there is nothing I think about besides basketball and cheering on my team, inspiring other fans to cheer them on too!  The spirit is infectious and the players thrive on it!  One of our big players is down for the rest of the season, Chauncey Billups, and we all really miss him.  I don’t think we necessarily need him to get through playoffs.  We’ll just need my beloved CP3, Blake Griffin, Caron Butler, Reggie Evans, Mo Williams, and the rest of the team to play their hearts out.  We should also get someone in there that’s comparable to Billups.  I’m hoping J.R. Smith or maybe Jeremy Lin will want to move to LA?!  Also, I think we need to trade Cook for someone who can actually add some value and shoot baskets.  If all that is done and they gel like they did for the first part of the season, I can see my team going far into playoffs and into finals!  I have mad love for these guys and can’t wait to watch another home game!  Go Clippers!!!

Now for the biggest story in my life – Peyman and I got engaged on 11/11/11 !  Yay, my best friend and I are getting married!  I gave myself 7 months to plan for the Big Day!  That said, I feel like I have 3 jobs.  I have my main job that I work every week day, Monday through Friday until around 5:30pm.  When I get home, I make dinner.  After tea, accompanied by a bite of something sweet, I wait a few minutes then work out for 40 minutes.  Finally, the last part of my night is consumed with wedding planning.  There are so many little nooks and crannies to a wedding – so much time and effort goes into it.  It’s not as fabulous as you may think because I am my own wedding planner, just as I wanted because I want to run the show and keep costs down where I know I can.  When I’m not negotiating with vendors, I enjoy the process.  Right now, sometimes I feel like the production takes over my life.  We’ll be so happy in June, when we’ve exchange vows and planning for the wedding is over.  I have to keep reminding myself that the ceremony is the most important part.  The party is just secondary!.. But then I think I only have a party like this once in my lifetime…it should be a good party and I’m confident that it will.

With so much going on in my life, I was thinking of making my blog just an online journal about whatever subject I feel like talking about because there are so many random things that come up that I want to share that I don’t necessarily want to share on facebook or twitter…and I like to give Peyman a break, with no nonsense.  Haha.. I just might do that, but also add in tidbits about food since it’s such a big part of our lives.

So, back to what I was saying earlier about feeling like I have 3 jobs.   I’ll list them out here:

1) my main, 9-hour job

2) cooking, loading the dishwasher and working out

3) the wedding

With my world moving nonstop, I want to make sure that my body is happy and well taken care of.  I’ve got a lot of spirit to share, but my spirit and energy’s weakened by a poor diet and little exercise.

To keep myself and my man happy, I have to prepare our food most of the time.  That way, I have full control of portions and nutrients.  I’ve learned a method of cooking quicker, simpler, and healthier.  It’s called steaming!

Amazingly, I didn’t learn this from my French culinary school.  I learned it from my Chinese-American client.  I love steaming because it is soooo healthy, quick, and easy…doesn’t require added oils or fats and I can leave it alone to cook.  I will share a steamed fish recipe in my next post.

I am grateful that I do that work that I do – I not only help people, but I also learn from my clients and from all who are involved.  Through Coach Anna, Brenda -my first client’s life/health coach, I learned that for every lunch or dinner I must make sure to include the following:

-4-6 oz of clean, lean protein

-at least 2 cups of veggies uncooked, or 1 cup cooked (1 cup being a high-fiber starchy veg, like carrot or sweet potato to curb cravings)

-and if we must, we have at most 1/2 Cup of brown rice or quinoa (which I don’t love)…or if we have a soup, just one slice of bread for some amazing breadcrumbs

-snacks. here are 3 samples: 1) 1/2C of delicious organic berries and a handful of toasted nuts. 2) handful of zucchini sticks with 2T of hummus 3) apple slices with 1T almond butter.  Adding a little protein to your snack will aid in tying you over to the next meal.

So how have I integrated the above meal plan into my life?  What proteins do we eat that are lean?  We, honestly, don’t eat much chicken in my household… I don’t like to touch it and I don’t like that I have to temp it.  I mostly cook the following lean protein – fish, scallops, a very lean pork and filet mignon. We almost always have a salad with my favorite viniagrette, along with some cooked vegetables to accompany the dinner. And I cook whatever vegetables I can find that are in season, trying to keep a colorful plate.  Whatever is leftover during dinner, I pack for lunch.  If I don’t have leftovers from dinner, I usually eat a vegetarian lunch packed with lots of protein- usually garbanzo beans or lentils.  Or, if I only have a can of soup in my pantry, I cook up the soup with a ton of broccoli.  That keeps me full and satisfied.  Eating healthy doesn’t mean I don’t eat with flavor… I always have some fresh herbs, spice or lowfat vinaigrettes that add some pizzaz to my meals.

My weekday breakfast consists of a bowl of oatmeal, with blueberries, and 1/4 a banana.  I add a splash of milk.  And my weekend breakfast usually is coffee, boysenberry jam on 12-grain toast with a sunny side up egg, cooked easy. It’s divine.  A simple, sexy breakfast.  Should I decide not to have an egg, I’ll add some feta on my toast with jam and it’s yummy that way too.

In my upcoming posts, I will share simple, quick and easy recipes that I’ve been using at home and sharing with my sisters.  My five older sisters, who are all mothers and are super moms: have full-time jobs, full-time mothers and wives, always ask me how they can get their kids to eat more balanced meals and how can they cook quickly but still fresh and delicious.  I’ll share with you how I’ve helped them, even though some of what I do is semi-homemade.  It’s quick, easy, and good for you!

Till then, go Clippers!  May you eat well and live well!

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